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Katsuki Connectionが始まった理由

Katsuki Connectionがはじまった背景には、3つのStoryがあります。







“There are three stories behind my beginning Katsuki Connection.”

Story 1
When I began working as a designer, I met an interior coordinator in New York. Something he said to me one day remains firmly in my mind even now. “When American women ask me to coordinate their homes, they make a great number of requests based on their tastes, but Japanese wives ask me to make things as normal as possible”.
When I heard this, my greatest wish was for more Japanese people to enjoy life.

Story 2
As I built up my career, I found myself facing looming deadlines and focusing on dealing with the work in front of me, rather that on design.
I thought to myself, “Maybe I’m not designing, but just increasing the amount of trash around”; there were times when I really contemplated giving up being a designer. But my favorite chair and the beautiful textiles in my home soothed my exhausted soul.I want to create more textiles that provide comfort, that soothe. This is a desire that springs from the very bottom of my heart.

Story 3
There are many Japanese artisans with prominent skills and who excel at the creation of exquisite things I have met through the course of my work; unfortunately, their numbers have had a tendency to decline through the years.
The knowledge and skills regarding the creation of things that these artisans inherit are top class, even by world standards. We can’t let them slip away now. So that traditional techniques may be handed down to future generations. And so that as many good things that can be used for a long time as possible can be created. My wish is that the existence of Japanese artisans be known throughout the world.

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